Theme 1: Process-product synthesis, design and integration

product design principles and applications, process integration, single-and multi-objective synthesis and design of processes, modular plants, integration of intensified process units, product-process design: property-prediction- based synthesis and design


Theme 2. Methods, models and computational tools for PSE

methodical approaches and frameworks for modeling and solving problems in PSE, optimization models and solution algorithms, data analytics,  numerical methods and tools, numerical analysis, process simulation, large-scale and multi-level optimization, agent-based modelling


Theme 3. Process control and operations

scheduling, operability, flexibility and optimization under uncertainty, Interaction & information infrastructure, off- and on-line control, smart sensors, analysis of dynamic plant data, plant-wide control, operational excellence, real-time optimization, operator training, safety


Theme 4. CAPE/PSE in energy/water/food nexus and sustainability

energy, food and water issues, carbon capture and sequestering, solar refineries, life cycle analysis, industrial infrastructures, infrastructures for sustainable production, sustainability indicators and footprints, risk assessment, waste reduction and management, waste-water treatment, energy storage and conversion systems


Theme 5. Process operations and supply chains

process supply chains, synthesis and design of production/distribution systems, models and application of chemicals supply chains, process operations, preventive maintenance, risk assessment in process supply chains, flexibility analysis


Theme 6. PSE in biological systems and processes

Biological systems, protein structure-function analysis, design of biological agents, synthetic biology, systems biology, fermentation, biorefineries


Theme 7. Education in CAPE/PSE & knowledge transfer

best practices in academia, continued training in a changing professional practice, effective selling of high-quality PSE solutions to industry, knowledge transfer hurdles, effective exploitation of CAPE/PSE tools